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Paige and Taylor wanted an intimate wedding surrounded by their closest friends and family. They booked one of my intimate wedding photography packages and got married at Paige’s sister’s gorgeous historic home in Belleville, IL where they could host a beautiful family-style dinner beneath the trees. Paige and Taylor have the best chemistry. Their friendship comes so naturally, and their love is timeless. I had a wonderful time photographing them in their element—every single photo is beautifully authentic. Even the artistic editorial-styled shots we photographed together still felt so real and intimate, which makes their portraits even more stunning. That part actually wasn’t planned! We lucked out on the perfect industrial backdrop for their creative couple’s portraits, which adds some variety to their wedding photographs.

Intimate Wedding Photography Packages with Tammi Camp

While planning together, they reiterated that they wanted the day to represent them honestly. So, we thought it would be fun to capture them doing things that they’d do on any other day—but in wedding attire. The beauty of my wedding photography packages is that they’re customizable! We ventured around the small town and popped in a dive bar they frequent regularly. It was a blast, and I especially love the shots of Paige sitting on the bar with her veil and train draped over the counter beside her. They had a couple beers together, then popped some change into the juke box for a few classic dancing songs. Then, we went to another bar and played darts! Afterward, we started the walk back to the house for the reception and found our cool roadside place for their fine art, editorial-style portraits. Paige was a stunning model and totally down to try some unique bridal poses.

Finally, headed back to the reception where they were greeted by their guests. (And we found grandpa taking a nap—I might’ve caught a few yawns in there leading up to it, too). Priceless photos often come in the in-between moments. I love that Paige and Taylor savored every minute of their wedding day. They slowed things down, did what they wanted, and lived each moment to the fullest. Needless to say, we certainly weren’t short on authentic, emotion-filled photo opportunities. 

Want a wedding day that looks and feels as authentic as Paige & Taylor’s backyard wedding? Try these tips:

3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day More Memorable

1. Set the stage for memories.

Intimate wedding photography packages allow you to take the celebration anywhere! Try a meaningful venue, like Paige’s sister’s historic home. Maybe you could use a family member’s home, garden & patio, or backyard area. If you don’t have room for a spacious garden reception, consider a photogenic Airbnb or VRBO rental. You could also opt for an estate, barn, or farm venue where you can host an outdoor family-style dinner. 

Or, maybe your group is small enough to host a reception at your favorite diner, café, or restaurant. 

Another option might be a scenic national, state, or city park you both enjoy. As a traveling photographer, I’m open to destination weddings and elopements as well—your wedding might be the perfect opportunity to get the family together again for a long weekend.

2. Think outside the box.

Your wedding day timeline doesn’t have to follow tradition. If you’d like a little more time together to relish the moment, do what Paige and Taylor did: Take a few moments to grab a drink and a couple dances at the local pub. Pop into a brewery. Stop at a café for a cup of coffee and slice of pie. Or, just take a sunset stroll outside your venue before joining back up with guests.

3. Get cozy.

Whether you have a large traditional wedding or intimate micro wedding, you can easily enhance the ambiance for good conversation and authentic moments by changing up the seating. Instead of assigned formal seating around banquet tables, incorporate cozy lounge areas with comfortable armchairs, love seats, couches and futons. Add in throw pillows, a rug, and a coffee table to make guests feel more at home.

After dinner, you can bet people will stay longer and have a good time with more comfortable seating options available. And, it’ll give you a place to rest your feet and chat with those you love without hovering over them.

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