The investment for portrait sessions begins at $1,000

When it comes to photographing you and your family, Tammi Camp does things a little differently. Because photography isn’t about perfect poses and fake smiles. It's about embracing life just as it is now, to create a detailed and nostalgic guide to look back on forever. These sessions are intended to be a natural, truthful portrayal of this stage in your life. There’s no pressure to perform. You will simply be embracing the moments—messy, intimate, honest, funny, and everything in between.

Genuinely-captured portraits become a time capsule of memories. They are the sound of tiny giggles, the scent of baby shampoo, and the feeling of little hands while they were still small enough to fit perfectly inside of yours. 

As we grow older, our memories inevitably fade. Day to day, it seems nothing changes. But when we look back, everything is so different.

Couples, Maternity, Newborn & Families


Intentional. Photojournalistic. Organic.

"TAMMI has been my FAMILY'S PHOTOGRAPHER since my girls were young. We FELL IN LOVE with her STYLE and WILLINGNESS to listen to OUR IDEAS, and her PLAYFULNESS. She has CAPTURED many IMPORTANT MEMORIES. She's PHENOMENAL!"

- Sonya

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