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You photographed the surprise proposal, your engagement photos, bridal portraits, and of course, your wedding day. But your story doesn’t end there! This is just the beginning. And as a St. Louis wedding photographer, it’s my job to make sure you don’t miss a moment. 

Enter: The After Session. 

What is a post-wedding photography session?

An after session, or post-wedding session, is just as it sounds—a photoshoot after tying the knot (and often post-honeymoon, unless you book a day-after session). A post-wedding session lets you keep the party going, and it’s a great way to kick off your new life together as a married couple. Now that you’re no longer in the thick of wedding planning, it’s easier to relax and get the photos you want—no pressure, no strings attached. An after session is as much about the experience as the photos. This is purely for you. You are the stars of the show, so go all out and have some fun with it.

Why do I need a post-wedding session?

Because it’s a ton of fun! But here are a few more reasons couples enjoy doing post-wedding sessions:

6 Reasons to Do a Post-Wedding Photoshoot | St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Do It Your Way

You’ll have more time to do what you want and get the photos you want. As marvelous as it is, the wedding day is usually filled to the brim with momentous activities, speeches, toasts, and more. So, a post-wedding session lets you slow down and get some artistic wedding portraits of the two of you. Most wedding day photos tend to be photojournalistic in nature—they’re taken in the moment. For a more diverse collection of photographs, an after session allows us to play with a more editorial vibe. You’ll look like models who’ve stepped straight out of Vogue.

Location Flexibility

We’re limited to locations around your wedding venue for portraits on your wedding day. If you have another style or location in mind, a post-wedding session will allow us to venture out with more freedom. We can use a studio and other sites to spend more time creating without the worry of missing out on spending time and making memories with your guests on your wedding day.

Less Stress

After sessions are usually done within 1-3 weeks after your wedding day, once things have settled down and you’re getting back into your routine. You can schedule a post-wedding session when and where you want it, and we can go at your own pace to get those stunning editorial images that deserve a front-and-center place on your wall.

Bad Weather Re-do

Unfortunately, we can’t reserve wedding dates with Mother Nature. She does what she wants. Sometimes that means a downpour on the big day (and buckets of good luck!) That’s ok! We can still get the shots you want in the locations you want with a post-wedding session. We can even reenact parts of your wedding day if the weather put a damper on your vision. No one will know the difference!

Rock New Threads (or Trash the Old)

This couple used their post-wedding session to showcase their passion for fashion. Why stick to one dress when there are so many fantastic options? Dress to the nines or don more casual couture—or both! And now that the big day is over, you don’t have to worry about messing up the dress if you’d like to venture out and stroll the streets in your wedding day attire.

More Pictures, Please!

As a St. Louis wedding photographer, I know I’m biased, but you never have too many beautiful photos! The more, the better! As you begin this new life together, you may not have many professional photos together, so an after session allows you to get a few more as you start this stage of life together. Post-wedding photos can also offer a creative take on wedding announcements if you want something more out-of-the-box.

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