Your love is iconic, Your photos should be too

St. Louis-based wedding photographer, documenting real moments through an unconventional, Vogue-meets-photojournalism style.

St. Louis-based wedding photographer, documenting real moments through an unconventional, cinematic Vogue-meets-photojournalism style.

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Weddings fly by faster than, well, me sprinting to the dance floor when LIZZO starts playing. So how are you going to make sure those special moments last forever? 

You're looking for someone who has spent years developing a warm, rich style of photography that turns candid moments into art that looks like you’ve stepped out of a magazine spread.

Candid doesn't have to mean "unpolished" and high-end doesn't have to mean "posed." We can tell the story of your wedding day, complete with all its most powerful emotions, while also creating artistic portraits inspired by light, the power of presence and human connection.

You don't want just want a wedding gallery that showcases your family legacy; You want an overall experience. Not only will we plot your cinematic engagement photos, but we'll talk about ideal day-of timelines and planning tips. After all, with 8 years in business witnessing hundreds of weddings, I have the inside scoop! 

"Tammi was literally a DREAM to work with."

"She was so accommodating (and I mean SO accommodating - she drove out to a castle in middle-of-nowhere Ireland to meet me for my photos). She was so kind, easy to talk to, funny, and just a warm person who you want to be around! She made my husband and I genuinely laugh and captured those sweet moments for us to cherish forever. I would hire her again in a heartbeat for any event or special occasion in my life. She’s up for traveling and enjoys exploring the world so don’t hesitate to reach out to her even if she’s not in your city/state/country. Tammi, THANK YOU so much for such beautiful photos and for being such a sweet soul.”

- kristie g.

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