the experience

I believe in taking a fresh, unique approach to wedding photography that doesn’t just capture images, but captures

To ensure that your wedding photos will forever transport you back in time to living in the moments of one of the best days of your life, three words drive my mission:

true feelings.




Forget those galleries full of stale, posed images. I promise that your wedding gallery will be bursting with vibrant, untamed life. Weddings are dynamic, bustling things, and it’s only right for the album to capture that unique energy. 

Sure, we will step aside for peaceful portraits (Tell mom not to worry, we’ll get the shot for the mantle), but the focus of your gallery will be on authentic interactions that transport you back into a real moment.

Candids don’t have to be messy, thrown together things. As I constantly work your best angles, each click of my camera is purposeful. I approach each session and wedding with intention on being present in the right here, right now. The moments I am able to capture with you as a couple and on your wedding day is all about how I show up as myself, you show up as yourselves, and we document the present time before us. From the detail shots to how I document your interactions, I promise that the central focus will be moments of meaning.

From the way I edit your images to my attentive desire to ensure every guest’s presence is felt in your gallery, I guarantee that you will be as happy with your wedding album on your golden anniversary as you are on your first. 

Your wedding is so much more than the photographs. It’s a new beginning. It’s about a marriage. It’s about your legacy, reminding you of where you’ve been, telling the truth of who you are in this moment, and pointing to where you’re going. Moments pass in the blink of an eye, and life is fleeting, but the images you receive are the heart and soul of a brand new piece of your family history. And I promise to treat it with all the care that deserves.

see tammi in action

But the experience is more than the photos...

I'll be there supporting you every step of this thrilling journey, because honestly, sometimes the planning process kind of sucks (yeah, Pinterest forgot to tell you that part between the Cinderella wedding gowns and twinkle-light covered venues).  I have a selection of preferred vendors I'd love to share with you, plus tips and advice that I will send you!

There are so many things going on behind the scenes when it comes to planning a wedding -- like weird family dynamics, the friend with ALL the opinions, the pressure to go along with tradition when you’re wanting something different and how much your heart aches that a loved family member won’t be there -- but I’ll be there for you (sung in my best Friends theme song voice)! I mean, I’m Greek (you’ve seen my Big Fat Greek Wedding right? Yeah, that’s my family. BIG, LOUD and very opinionated) and I’m I basically have a Ph.D. in weird family dynamics. 

So, let’s celebrate your wedding day in all its beautiful, joyous and sometimes a little bit messy glory! I can’t wait to dive in!

“I can’t even put into words how great Tammi is!"

"From the first day we met over coffee I knew she had to be our photographer. She made my husband, who normally is very uncomfortable taking photos, even have fun doing them, and extremely comfortable. We had so much fun with Tammi! You also know how important making your special day is, and she’s going to do whatever to get the perfect shot!”

- lauren c.